Respecting the harvest results in well balanced wines with character.

In order to interpret well the circumstances, both terroir and human activities, the winery makes two different types of wines, reflecting this way thee individual aspects: village wines and single-vineyard wines.

Village Wines

The VILLAGE WINES visualise the genral conditions of the area: the soil, the climatic conditions, and the tradition of making wine in Anguix. This results in harmonic and well balanced wines with notes of fruit reigning, especially red berries.


This is a cuvée, the grapes are picked in different plots, both in the South an in the North of the municipality. Molino and Dujos, both count on more than twenty years, are trained in a trellis system, while Pincha Ratas and La Cañada are cultivated in classical bush-style. The wine ages during eight months in oak barrels and in a concrete tank. Notes of fruit are crucial but this wine also results harmonic and well balanced.
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YOTUEL selección

YOTUEL’ Selección

This is a cuvée, the grapes are picked in various plots in the municipality, mainly in old vineyards. The wine ages in oak barrelss during about one year. This is always an elegant and harmonic wine, well balanced, driven by notes of fruit
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Single-Vineyard Wines

The SINGLE-VINEYARD WINES add some compontents more: the individuality of each plot, the dedicated soil, the micro-climatic conditions, the age of the vines. Alll this leads to more complex wines, wines with an individual, unique character.

finca la nava

YOTUEL’ Finca la Nava

Finca La Nava is a small plot located in the north-western part of Anguix, not so far away from the Manvirgo table-mountain. It is always highly affected by the climatic challenges thae mountain causes: frost, hail, srtongly blowing wind. The clone used gives small berries, not so compact grapes. Fruit and a mneral touch are the result.
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finca valdepalacios

YOTUEL’ Finca de Valdepalacios

Finca Valdepalacios is one of the oldest plots the Gallego Zapatero family counts on, the vines count on more tha eighty years. It is located in the southern part of Anguix, close to the foothills of the Manvirgo mountain. Tt is directly exposed to the sun during big part of the day. Valdepalacios was the plot where the first wine the winery released is from: vintage two-thousand and five. The vines are trained in a Gobelet style, the yields are low. One special thing: the wines from this plot always show some floral notes, especially white flower. Average yields: 3.000 kh/ha.
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finca san miguel

YOTUEL’ Finca San Miguel

Together with Otero this is the oldest plot the famiy counts on. It is located at the northern limit of rhe municipality. The vines count on about ninety years, this age reduces notably the yields. The berries are small, the wine results always fruit-driven in the nose but complex and compact in the mouth.
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Yotuel Garnacha

YOTUEL’ Garnacha

The grape for this wine are picked in the Valdepalacios plot, where vines are put on clay but also on chalky soil. The Garnacha vines are dotted around here and there, in those times vine-growers used to plant various grape-varieties in one ptot. Garnacha is well present. This wine ages in oak barrels during few months, just to give a little bit of structure to balance the wine.
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