Makig great wines is hand work in its literal meaning

Bienvenido and Ignacio are strongly convinced that a great wine gets made in the vineyards, while in the winery one has to maintain the obtained level of quality. When harvest is near several tastings of berries but also analysis get run to decide on the best moment to source the grapes


The harvest is run manually, the grapes get strongly selected in the vinyeyard, then they are transported to the winery in small boxes, just to keep the qualiry. In the winery few intervention is needed. The grapes are de-stemmed, the musts macerate just the time needed to extract all the desired components, the musts ferment by only the yeasts of the grapes. The grapes get processed plot by plot, just to keep the individual characteristics of each one


For this different vessels are available. Inox tanks, wooden tanks, oak barrels, concrete tanks, egg-shaped concrete take, all of different sizes to guarantee the optimal way of making the wines. Each wine ages in oak barrels, the ageing time depends on the plots and the year. At the end of the process elegant and complex wines get bottled: YOTUEL