GRAPE-VARIETY: 100% Tinta del País
BOTTLING: On August, 25th, 2021
VOLUME OF PRODUCTION: 19.433 bottles and 800 magnums
ALCOHOL DEGREE: 14,5 % by Vol.


Argillferous earth (red clay) with some limestone and layers of sand.


A cold winter with abundant rainfall delayed the shoot and the whole cycle of vegetation. A really hot summer caused high temperature differences between day and night. This helped to count on really well matured phenols.


While Molino and Dujos count on a quite thick crumb of clay that of the other two plots is not so strong, limestone is more present, there. Pincha Ratas is quite young, the other three plots count on more than twenty years. The grapes are picked late, after those of the single-vineyard wines, the yields are relatively low, about 5.500 kg/ha.


On October, 6th, 2019. Grapes are picked manually, strongly seected, de-temmed. The must ferments by only the yeast of the grapes. Over-all maceration period: twelve days.


The malolactic fermentation is run in oak-barrels and in a concrete tank. In these barrels and in the tank the wine afterwards ages during ten months